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HIST3225 - Utopias/Dystopias/Revolution: Themes in the History of Latin America - Marion: Term Project

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Term Project

There are four components to this project:

Project proposal—due Oct 2nd.

Annotated bibliography—due Oct 26th.

Class presentation—presentation schedule TBD

Final written research paper—due Nov. 23rd.

Students are required to write a fifteen to twenty page research paper on a Latin American topic of your choice.

All final papers will be at least 15 pages in length; they must have a title, numbered pages, your name, citations (if applicable), and a date. Margins should be one inch on the top, left, right, and bottom. Late papers will be lowered a letter grade for each subsequent class period after the due date. Anyone caught plagiarizing or submitting work not their own will receive an “F” for the class. If you have any questions or doubts about citing someone else’s work or ideas, please come and talk to me. All citations should conform to the ‘Chicago Style’ (endnotes or footnotes).

Final term papers are due in class on Nov 23rd and uploaded to the ECLearn module for the assignment. I will not accept papers as email attachments.

Term Paper Rubric categories for grading purposes:

1. Evidence: strength of sources.

2. Analysis, clarity, and organization.

3. Strength of synthesis/conclusion

4. Mechanics: spelling, grammar, proper citation style.

5. Papers are uploaded without format issues and on time and as

Presentation of Term Project 

Each student will prepare a 15 minute presentation of their research topic as part of their overall grade for this project. Student presentations are scheduled for the last 3 weeks of classes. We will work out a viable schedule of presentations well in advance. Your grade will be determined from a matrix that includes the following categories: time management, clarity, content, and projection.

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