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HIST1108 - World History to 1500 - Murphy: Assignment

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Research Paper

  • Second paper, 20%.
  • This four to six-page paper is on a group, leader, or movement from some part of Medieval Europe or some part of Africa prior to 1500.
  • This paper is a comparison of two academic journal articles on your topic. The two academic journal articles are your sole source. Use of further sources or other sources will result in a lowering of the grade of your paper.
  • On November 2 you must tell me your topic and the two journal articles that are the basis of your paper. If you do not submit this information on November 2 you will go down a grade on your final paper. You cannot change your topic, so it is important that you have investigated (read) the articles in which you are interested, to be sure they will work for your paper.
  • Sample topics for paper:
    • Kingdom of Kush; camel revolutionizes the trans-Sahara trade; Aksumite (Ethiopian) monarchs become Christian; 7th century Arab/Muslim expansion across N. Africa; West African savannah kingdom of Ghana; Swahili city states on East African coast; Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe; Ethiopian mountainside churches carved out of solid rock; Sundiata/Kingdom of Mali; King Mansa Musa of Mali makes pilgrimage to Mecca; Sonni Ali founds Songhai. Barbarians or “Barbarians;” Charlemagne; feudalism; monasticism; courtly love; two Popes (Avignon); ikons (icons); Kievan Rus; the Black Death; Joan of Arc. You may pick another topic if you wish but it must fit the requirements of the paper.


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