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ECLearn 101: Home

Make sure that you can find the following for all your courses.
  • Syllabus including finding due dates and professor office hours
  • Discussion board
  • Assignments
  • Calendar

Getting Help

If the course is not visible on ECLearn

If you are not sure how the course is organized

  • Contact your professor

If you are not sure how to do a specific function (such as submit an assignment)

Dashboard Customization

To select the course to be displayed on your dashboard, click on the Courses icon from the top menu.

  • Select All Courses from the list.
  • Select favorites to be displayed on your dashboard by selecting the stars for the courses.
    Note: If course are not selected as favorites, the first 20 courses will be displayed alphabetically.

To Customize your dashboard view, select on the options menu and select the view.

Screenshot of the Dasboard options menu

Profile and Notifications settings

To access the Profile and Notifications settings, click on the Account icon from the top menu.Screenshot of ECLearn Profile Settings

Settings options:

  • Customizing your Display Name by clicking on Edit Settings found on either the right or bottom of the page (depending on your browser size).
  • Customize your Profile Picture by clicking on the default picture and uploading the image.
  • Set your contact preferences using the Ways to contact options found on either the right or bottom of the page (depending on your browser size).
    Note: Text message options are available through the +Email Address option.

Notifications options:

  • Select your notification preferences. Options include Notify me right awaySend daily summariesSend weekly summaries, or Do not send me anything.


Use the calendar to help you organize your work from all your classes including  assignments and events entered by your professors for your classes.

  • Select from the Calendars found on either the right or bottom of the page (depending on your browser size) to display the calendars from all your classes along with your personal calendar on ECLearn.
  • To enter either an Event or My to do on your calendar, click on the calendar day.
  • Select the Calendar Feed link found on either the right or bottom of the page (depending on your browser size) to access iCal feeds link. This link can be used to sync the ECLearn calendar with other calendars that accept the iCal feed such as Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook.

SimCheck Plagiarism Detection Tool

SimCheck is a plagiarism detection tool used at Emmanuel College that may be used when you turn in your assignments.

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