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SOC2205 - War and Peace - Gould: Assisgnments

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Discussion Forums

Readings and EC Learn Online Discussion Forums:  It is incumbent upon every student to come to class prepared, ready to participate in informed discussions and debates.  Therefore, students are required to read and watch all the assigned material prior to class.   For ten classes, you are required to write one post and respond to someone else’s post in the online discussion forum by noon before the respective class indicated on the course schedule.   Your posting should include current ways in which individuals, societies, non-governmental organizations, businesses or governments are trying to address one of Hugo Slim's seven spheres of civilian suffering as a result of conflict or how others are trying to bring about peace, stabilization or reconciliation.  Key in the discussions are noting the challenges and best practices thereof. You may incorporate articles, webpages or videos not assigned for homework to strengthen your points.  Entries in the online discussion forums should be succinct, non-offensive and professionally written.  Use proper citations when appropriate.  

Climate Change Symposium

Climate Change Symposium:   Students will help organize, market and participate in a student-led Climate Change Symposium at Emmanuel College on March 26, 2020. At least four courses, Sustainable Development and Fundamental Human Rights, War and Peace, Crimes Against Humanity and Policy and Practice, will collaborate to understand how climate change is relevant to their area of study and determine the best speakers and activities to include in the Symposium.   Furthermore, they will attend at least one other session beyond their respective class and post at least one paragraph on a Discussion Board by midnight on March 27th, 2020, what they found most interesting at the symposium and how to apply it.  Students have the chance to earn up to two extra credits points on their final grade for attending the entire symposium. 

Case Brief

Case Brief: Write a 1-2-page case brief critically assessing whether the United States violated International Humanitarian Law with its airstrike on the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan.  Assignments should be uploaded in EC Learn by midnight on February 18, 2020.

ArcGIS Story Map

ArcGIS Story Map:  Students will create a digital Story Map to inform others on the impact of a recent conflict.  Designing interactive maps to illustrate spatial relationships, info charts/graphs, succinct narratives, and multimedia, students will create a minimum of a four-tab story map using a free public ArcGIS account.  During two GIS labs during the course, students will become familiar with creating maps with multiple datasets/data layers from a variety of organizations.  The link to your map must be uploaded in EC Learn by midnight on April 23, 2020.

Bystanders, Upstanders, and Perpetrators Presentation

Write a 2-3 page paper analyzing the position, interest and roles of bystanders, upstanders, and perpetrators in a particular conflict and determine what psycho-sociological factors that may have contributed to their actions or lack thereof. Apply concepts like dehumanization, diffusion of responsibility, obedience and authority, groupthink or emotional distance.   Groups will then conduct a 3-5 minutes presentation in class on their findings on March 19, 2020, with the paper uploaded in EC Learn by midnight.

Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness Essay

Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness Essay:  Throughout this course, you will learn about some of the atrocities that occur during conflict and the challenges associated with forgiveness and rebuilding a society of war.  After reading Wiesenthal’s story on a Nazi soldier asking a prisoner in a concentration camp for forgiveness, you will have to write a 1-2-page paper, on what you think you would do in a similar situation.  Assignments should be uploaded into EC Learn no later than May 8, 2020.

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