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SOC2705 - Sustainable Development - Gould: Assignments

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Case Study

In 2018, China's "National Sword" policy banned the import of most plastics and other materials, accounting for nearly half of the world's recyclable waste for the past quarter-century. However, individual Americans did little to change their behaviors to consume less. Talk with at least five different people and ask them what should be done to mitigate the negative impact and write a 1-2 page paper on what the Emmanuel College student body should do to curb trash and promote better recycling.

Preparing for and Conducting an Interview for your Group Strategic Options Assignment

In preparation for writing a strategic options paper, you will interview via Skype, phone or in person with a person, group or organization that can provide critical information addressing a sustainable development goal on a local, national or international level. To be an informed interviewer, it is imperative you study the topic prior to scheduling an interview.

Strategic Options Paper and Oral Presentation Group Project

You will work with one other person and write a short (1-2 page) strategic options paper in which your team examines and provides a framework of options to key stakeholders, such as political leaders, for addressing a sustainable development indicator in a specific region. Your group's job is to present the facts and possible concrete solutions, not to write about the morality of the problem. While the assignment may seem small, your group will soon discover the difficulties policymakers have in condensing large comprehensive research recommendations into a short, succinct format. Remember, leaders do not have the time to read through large research binders. Your group will conduct a 3-5-minute presentation in class on your analysis and recommendations.

ArcGIS StoryMap

Students will create a digital StoryMap to inform, influence and inspire others to take action on a particular sustainable development goal discussed within the course. Designing interactive maps to illustrate spatial relationships, info charts/graphs, succinct narratives, and multimedia, students will create a minimum of a six-tab story map using a free public ArcGIS account. During GIS labs, students will become familiar with creating maps with multiple datasets/data layers from a variety of organizations.

Climate Change Symposium

Students will help organize, market and participate in a student-led Climate Change Symposium at Emmanuel College on March 26, 2020. At least four courses, Sustainable Development and Fundamental Human Rights, War and Peace, Crimes Against Humanity and Policy and Practice, will collaborate to understand how climate change is relevant to their areas of study and determine the best speakers and activities to include in the Symposium.

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