What is the DiscoveryLab?


The DiscoveryLab is designed to be an  extracurricular area in which students, staff, and faculty can collaborate on ideas and projects. It is home to various tools and equipment which aid in prototyping, helping transform these ideas into tangible objects. The space is centered on the themes of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Prior experience is not required! There are Academic Technology Assistants, our student staff, working in the Lab during the week who are able to field any questions. Visit the DiscoveryLab and see where your imagination takes you.



Epilog Zing lasercutter

The laser cutter in the DiscoveryLab is ideal for smaller design projects with 1/8 in plywood and 1/8 in acrylic. Faculty, staff, and students can use plywood and acrylic supplied by the DiscoveryLab. If you need a surplus of these materials for a bigger project, talk to an ATIG staff worker.

Cricut Maker

The Cricut cutting tool in the DiscoveryLab is ideal for printing out greeting cards, vinyl stickers, and signage. Faculty, staff, and students can use the Cricut for projects with the card stock and vinyl we have in the DiscoveryLab.

HP DesignJet T370

The Large Format Printer in the DiscoveryLab is a professional grade printer ideal for conference posters, art prints, and signage. It is a self-service operation, and faculty, staff, and students can use the printer for a nominal fee.

Brother SE-400

The sewing machine in the DiscoveryLab can complete sewing and embroidery projects. Faculty, staff, and students can use the machine and our materials, but they need to provide their own clothes and take the risk for damaged products.