Liberation Historiography : African American Writers and the Challenge of History, 1794-1861
Haunted Historiographies : The Rhetoric of Ideology in Postcolonial Irish Fiction
A Companion to Enlightenment Historiography
Modern Historiography : An Introduction
Fifty Key Works of History and Historiography
Read Online Download Book Add to Bookshelf Share Link to Book Cite Book A Companion to the Philosophy of History and Historiography
Popular Historiographies in the 19th and 20th Centuries : Cultural Meanings, Social Practices
The Cold War : Historiography, Memory, Representation
Dubious Facts : The Evidence of Early Chinese Historiography
Representing the Past : Essays in Performance Historiography

General Information about Historiography

"Historiography is concerned with historical interpretations and representations of the past—put another way, the writing of history as opposed to history itself" and  "involves consideration of the broader cultural, social, economic, and political forces that shape historical writers and their writing" (The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods).

General Considerations

  • Who are the major historians for your topic?
  • How can these historians be organized into schools of approach or methodology?
  • How has the historiography of your topic evolved over time?
  • How did the various historians explore the topic through a political, social, or economic lens?


Example searches:

  • historiography AND Australia
  • historians AND "Slave Trade"
  • “historiographical-evolution” AND Aztecs
  • "school of thought" AND "Civil War"
  • Other terms: "historical schools", interpretations, "historical writing", "historical account"
  • Additionally, conduct searches on the topic (e.g., "French Revolution").
    • Note the works cited in the bibliography.
    • Explore scholarly book reviews during different time periods for books on the topic.

Selected Journals

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Example searches:

  • historiography AND  "French Revolution"
  • historians AND  "Mao Zedong"