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ENGL1103 - Intro to Academic Writing: Home page

Find course-specific library resources, including peer-reviewed articles, ebooks, and more.

Keyword Searching using Search Operators (AND, OR)
Note: Some databases require that you capitalize AND and OR.

  • AND is used to focus you search since terms connected by AND must be present.
    Consider the questions of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHY to focus your search.
  • OR is used broaded your search bu including alternative words or synonyms
  • Quotation marks are used to search phrases as a unit.

Example search: ("climate change" OR "global warming") AND "coral reefs" AND Australia


News Sources (Including newspapers, news web sites, etc.)

  • Great source for current events and news/information that may be changing rapidly.
  • They are not scholarly or peer-reviewed.

FInding News Sources through the Library Resources


Search for print and e-books using the All In search on the  Library Home Page and using the search boxes on the individual guides.


The below guides provide resources for citing in each style.


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