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Find course-specific library resources, including peer-reviewed articles, ebooks, and more.

Annotated Bibliography - Due 10/30 (See complete assignment requirements in ECLearn)

  • A total of six theoretical sources — one we have read/covered in class and five that we have NOT read or covered in class. 
  • At least three sources from recognized theorists in any branch of critical theory, including those not studied in the course (for example: new historicism/cultural materialism, ecocriticism, narratology, cognitive literary theory). 
  • At least two sources from published, peer-reviewed textbook chapters, essays, or articles by scholars offering descriptions and explanations of various theories (for example: any introduction to literary and cultural theory, similar to our textbook, would work). 
  • You may use any of these sources for your final paper, but you are not required to do so.

Paper/Project #2 (See complete assignment requirements in ECLearn)

  • Provide theoretical context and support for that argument by citing and analyzing two to three theoretical sources from each theory you use. These should be peer-reviewed, published essays by recognized theorists within a theoretical branch. You may also use additional published, peer-reviewed book chapters and essays by scholars (such as Peter Barry) offering descriptions and explanations of various theories. You may use as many of this second type as you wish, in addition to and not in lieu of the sources by theorists. 
  • Provide critical context and support for the argument by citing and analyzing scholarly sources that relate to the primary text. These sources should be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles, single-author books, or essay collection chapters. You have no required number of these sources. 
  • You may also use published sources from popular publications (for example, film reviews in the popular press) to explain opinion and reception of the text in the wider culture, in addition to your required scholarly sources.

Book Searches

Search by Authors find books written by the theorists.
Note: Also, search by the theorist name as a Keyword  term to find inclusion of the theorists work in anthologies.


Selected Reference Resources

Article Sources


To find articles written by a theorist, search for the theorist's name as an author.
Example search: Works written by Patricia Hill Collins in the Ebsco search for English/Literature.
Author search for Butler, Judith in Ebsco Search for English/Literature

To find scholarly articles on films:
  • Include the title of the film in quotes on the first line (e.g., "The Stepford Wives") and (film or movie or motion pictures) on the second line. You may also wish to search by specific characters instead of the film title.
  • Limit to peer-reviewed.
Article Databases: Ranked by Relevance
 = Emmanuel Faculty, Staff & Students only

To search for articles by citation, enter the first four to five works in quotes in the below Google Scholar search box.


Google Scholar
  • Look for Full-Text@Emmanuel link to the right of articles retrieved. In some cases you may need to click on the more option below the item record to access the Full-Text at Emmanuel link.
  • Search for the journal title using the  A-Z Journals by Title list to verify the journals peer-reviewed status.

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Resources for Film Reviews in Scholarly and Popular Publications

Library Databases

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Also, explore the Newspaper guide which includes both current and historic newspapers:

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