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History: Historiography

Find peer-reviewed articles, ebooks, and more.

General Information about Historiography

General Considerations

  • Who are the major historians for your topic?
  • How can these historians be organized into schools of approach or methodology?
  • How has the historiography of your topic evolved over time?
  • How did the various historians explore the topic through a political, social, or economic lens?


Example searches:

  • historiography and "Australia"
  • historians and "Slave Tade"
  • “historiographical-evolution” and "Aztecs"
  • Additionally, conduct searches on the topic (e.g., "French Revolution") and note who is cited in the bibliography.
Article Databases: Ranked by Relevance
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Example searches:

  • historiography "French Revolution"
  • historians "Mao Zedong"
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