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Current Event in Business Law Assignment Guide

For this assignment you will both write an article review and deliver a presentation on that article that is related to the chapter that you have selected. Please refer to the Course syllabus for topic selection ideas.

Paper - Write a 2-3 page (double spacing) written summary, using the IRAC (Issue, Rule of law, Analysis, Conclusion) method which includes:

1. Introduction: Briefly state what the article is about and how it relates to the current topic we are studying; ISSUE

2. Body: Analyze the business situation and law described in the article. Your analysis must use terms, concepts, and/or legal frameworks discussed in class and/or the textbook; RULE and ANALYSIS

3. CONCLUSION: As appropriate, provide recommendations or highlight problems and/or opportunities. 


Presentation - Create a 5 minute PowerPoint (3-5 PowerPoint slides)

Your names, article, publication (must use professional publication like Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times Forbes, Fortune, etc)

1. Summarize the article (include enough information for audience to have a thorough understanding)

2. What are the legal concepts/theories the articles touches on and how? You need to relate the article to the chapter that you have selected to.

3. Other comments/ideas/questions that you have about this article. 

4. Ask the class open-ended questions about your selected concepts and lead discussion for your presentation.

Submit the PowerPoint slides and the paper on EC Learn by 9pm the day before your presentation day.

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