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MGMT2307 - Basile - Excel: Excel Basics

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Calculations and Formulas

Overview of Formulas in Excel (Microsoft)

  • See section under Formulas In-depth on Using Reference in Excel Formulas to learn about the difference between relative and absolute references.
  • See Formulas and functions for a description of statistical functions, including STDEV.S function (standard deviation).


Graphs/Scatter Plots/Linear Fitting

Formating Charts Linear Fitting (Adding Trendlines)
Graphing two data sets on the same graph with Excel

  • This video also demonstrates selecting the X- and Y- Axes and inserting a linear trendline.
  • Created by Clayton Spencer

Analyzing Data with a Pivot Table

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Access to Microsoft Office through Emmanuel

Note: The online version of Excel that you can access without downloading the program onto your computer does not have all the features that you may need to use.



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Academic Resources Center (ARC)

  • Contact the ARC for Excel guidance by course or discipline-specific tutors.
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