Interlibrary Loan Policy

General Information
Emmanuel College’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service allows the Emmanuel College Community to borrow books and photocopied items from other libraries. Sources of Interlibrary Loan Service are as follows:

  • Locally through the Fenway Library Organization (FLO) system;
  • Regionally through the Commonwealth Catalog; and
  • Nationally through the OCLC sharing network source.

Eligibility of Service
Interlibrary Loan Privileges are ONLY extended with proper library registration to:           

  • Emmanuel College Students – Undergraduate, ECAP, GPP;
  • Emmanuel College Faculty Members; and
  • Emmanuel College Staff and Administration Members. 

Patrons are not permitted to request interlibrary loan materials if they have any overdue items or accrued fines.

Submitting ILL Requests
A patron must fill out an ILL Request Form completely, for each request submitted, limit of 3 requests per patron per day.

All ILL requests must be submitted electronically using the online Interlibrary Loan Forms.

A request does not guarantee that the material is obtainable. The receipt of each requested item will vary based on lender. On average requests take one to three weeks to arrive. Required readings listed on your course syllabus cannot be requested.

The library cannot place any interlibrary loan materials on reserve.

Patron Responsibility
The ILL is under the protection of Federal Copyright Law.
For further information, please visit the United States Copyright Office.

Patrons assume full responsibility for the ILL and accept the terms of Copyright Law, Emmanuel College’s ILL policies, and the Lending Library’s policies, including length of loan and fees.

The failure to return an ILL prior to the due date, will result in the loss of library borrowing privileges, financial liability, holds on grades, transcripts, graduation proceedings, and course registration.

Notification of Arrival

Date of receipt of requested materials varies depending on their availability.
Patrons will be notified of the arrival of the ILL by email as specified on the request form.

The ILL will be held at the Emmanuel College Library Circulation Desk for pick-up.

If the patron fails to pick-up the ILL within a week, a second notice will be given. If the requested item is still not retrieved, the item will be returned to the lending library.


The patron must contact the Head of Access Services Librarian prior to the ILL’s due date to request a loan extension. Renewals of ILL items are per the policies of the lending institutions and cannot be guaranteed.

If the Lending Library grants a renewal, the patron will be notified of the new due date by email or phone as specified on the request form.

If the Lending Library denies a renewal, the item must be returned by the original due date or the patron will be held accountable for any overdue liabilities listed above.

The Commonwealth Catalog does not permit renewals.

Returning the Interlibrary Loan

All ILL items must be returned on or before the due date.

All ILL items MUST be hand delivered to a library worker at the Emmanuel College Circulation Desk and should NEVER be placed in the outside or inside book return drop. 


Jennifer Woodall
Head of Access Services and Cataloging Librarian
Emmanuel College – Cardinal Cushing Library
617-264-7653 (