Dryland East Asia: Land Dynamics amid Social and Climate Change
Urban Modernities in Colonial Korea and Taiwan
Chinese Folklore Studies Today : Discourse and Practice
Introducing Korean Popular Culture
Diasporic Hallyu : The Korean Wave in Korean Canadian Youth Culture
The Problem of Women in Early Modern Japan
China and the Chinese in Popular Film : From Fu Manchu to Charlie Chan
Weaving Women's Spheres in Vietnam : The Agency of Women in Family, Religion and Community
Media Culture in Transnational Asia : Convergences and Divergences
East Asia and the First World War
The History of Central Asia : The Age of Islam and the Mongols
The Phoenix Years : Art, Resistance and the Making of Modern China
Folk Art and Modern Culture in Republican China
Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia
Multiculturalism in East Asia : A Transnational Exploration of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
East Asian Development : Foundations and Strategies
Archaeology of East Asia : The Rise of Civilization in China, Korea and Japan
A Resurgent East Asia : Navigating a Changing World

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