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HIST1101 - Intro to Migration Studies - Ravagnoli: Final Paper and Presentation

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Final Paper and Presentation

The final paper will be a 5 to 7-page paper on a topic related to migration (which you should have decided by March 19th). You will have to decide what approach your research will follow (sociological, historical, ethnographic, political).

For instance,

Brazilian migration to Boston and the development of group identity


implication of federal policies on the migration of minors in the US


ethnicization of urban neighborhoods (Chinatown yesterday and today)


migrants' cultures and hybridization of second generations

...just to give you a couple of examples.

Your final project will have to rely on at least 3 academic sources (books or journal articles) and other supporting data (census data, demographics and statistics, oral interviews, etc.).

Everyone is presenting on their final project (in class or virtually).


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