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HIST3412 Immigrant Kitchens: A Global and Historical Perspective on Identity, Ethnicity and Foodways - Ravagnoli: Assignment

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Final Paper

Compare two recipes, which you can pick from any two different ethnic cookbooks, but from different eras. You could get a great-grandma recipe, if you have a scrap of paper or any kind of written text/proof of its existence and compare it with one in a cookbook. 

You will use at least 5 secondary sources to contextualize the time period of the two recipes/cookbooks.  

The recipes and cookbooks do not count as sources. 

Analyze differences in ingredients, processes, usage (for feasts or other specific occasions), renderings, design, pictures, possible audience, prose used, and general compilation of the two cookbooks you are taking the recipe from, and all other possible information to gauge descriptions or statements of “authenticity” of a certain (xxx) ethnic cuisine, dish, ingredients.  

You will think about trends in the time periods under analysis (culinary, political, social – i.e., what does such recipe tell us about the position of that ethnic group?), explain the differences (or lack thereof) between the two recipes from different times. Analyze the cookbook/s overall. 

You could possibly pick a recipe that is not ethnic per se (identified as American), but that you can demonstrate has been influenced by migrations and encounters. 

You will cite the sources in formal Chicago style (check library website for reference). 

You will write a 10-page paper on the historical comparison, use Times New Roman 12, double spaced. 

You will also present your final research in class/virtually and in your presentation, you will show you attempts at realizing the food with the recipes you compared. You will discuss the role and position of the ethnic group you are analyzing or migration’s influences and explain through the realization process of making the food differences over time. 

Due the last day of classes. 

Research Tips

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